Factory Reset Protection FRP Bypass Apps 2021

We often have to reset the smartphone for many reasons. And after resetting, it gets Factory Reset Protection FRP lock. Here we will discuss why FRP Bypass, Gmail account reset, FRP unlocks apps essential tools, and ETC.

What Is Factory Reset Protection ( FRP )

Factory Reset Protection ( FRP ), is a security feature on Android devices with Android Operating System Version 5.1 (Lollipop) and higher version. The FRP provides a built-in security feature on your android device you are able to use that protects your android device and data information, including screen locks, pin lock, pattern and password lock and data encryptions. The FRP is enabled automatically when a Google (Gmail) account has been registered or login on the android device and will be disabled if the Google account is removed from the device before the Factory Data Reset. Once the FRP has been activated on your android device, it will prevent the use of your device after a Factory Data Reset in an untrusted environment. This means if your device has been Factory Reset in any other way than Settings >Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset, the FRP Lock will be enabled.

When performing a Factory All Data Reset, all settings are returned to the factory default settings & all personal data is erased/deleted, including files and downloaded apps. If the Google FRP is enabled, you will need to enter your Google (Gmail) account credentials before you can do a factory reset on the android device.

Why would we unlock the FRP Bypass Gmail Account?

Though Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a useful feature, it can sometimes pose difficulties for people who need to use the android smartphone bypassing Google (Gmail) account verification FRP. People who buy refurbished or pre-owned android smartphones from third-party sellers or owners can also encounter the same problem which leaves the phone unusable.

We often buy old mobile phones. Or after we need to reset our own mobile phone sometimes. We often forget our Gmail account, then we must unlock the FRP to use the mobile phone again.

Below Here FRP Bypass Apps & Necessary Settings Given Download as needed:

Google Account Manager 5.0.1

Google Account Manager 6.0.1

Google Account Manager 7.0.1

Google Account Manager 8.0.1

Google Account Manager 9.0.1

Google Account Manager 10.0

FRP Bypass 2.0

Quick Shortcut Maker 2.4.0

Apex Launcher 4.9.19

Technocare Tricks

ES File Explorer 4.2

Menu Button

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Hopefully the above apps will be useful to you. Stay with us to get all the solutions of GSM, Bypass FRP, Flash Tool, Driver & ETC.